July 31 2008

Even if the results of your early-morning culinary endeavors appear bland and beige, all is not lost. With the right accessories, even the humblest breakfast can look cheery and stylish.
To attempt the task of making muffins, you’d get a head start by using the non-slip, nesting set of measuring tools and bowls called, fittingly, Nest, and designed for by London-based Bill Holing and Ben Cox, known together as Morph.

You'll eventually be able to bake them in your Marc Newson-designed Smeg oven previewed at Milan and available at the end of 2008.

Later, to transform those poorly turned-out muffins into desirables, just serve them in the anodized aluminum bowls designed by Melbourne-based Nina Ellis and available exclusively at Pieces of Eight in Melbourne.

Serve the plain boiled egg in the smashingly retro egg cup from Menu designed by the young Danish designer Pernille Vea and adorned with the striking designs of the late Verner Panton, the Danish architect and designer whose mastery of vibrant colour was extraordinary. Use the thermocups from the same series for your coffee or tea.

And why not serve that boring orange juice in a Club martini glass, created by the Swedish DJ and designer Matz Borgström for Sagaform
We are not saying that every item in your kitchen should be madly cheery. We are only suggesting you add some color to your black-and-white life, just to wake you up in the morning. - Tuija Seipell

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October 30 2006

With suction cupped feet and a warm inner glow, these rechargeable , stick on anywhere lights are not only cool but rather handy. The lights are surrounded by a rubber outer shell which houses and protects the inner bulb.
Three suction cups at the base act as feet, allowing the bulb to be placed just about anywhere.

As they are battery operated and fully rechargeable, the bulbs are cordless  and can travel with you and take up new real estate in the most unusual places. They will be available to purchase from online store sometime in 2007. by Bill T


June 6 2006

Personalization and regulation are two words that work beautifully when referring to your own indulgence. This brilliant shower system from Kohler DTV, is the worlds first fully digital unit that caters for your exact showering requirements.

Both water temperature and water pressure can be inputted to the system and set as a customer shower mode. The strength and type of water spray is also open to your personal touch. Both the control pad and the shower itself are smart, sleek and ultra modern looking, turning the bathroom into a futuristic cleaning unit! At just $2000 the age old custom of waiting for the right temperature and pressure have just swept down the drain. by Billy T

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