May 20 2015

It’s a natural phenomenon where gravity is defied and so be it is logic, a point in a vast ocean where one wave does the unnatural by going against the grain. You can either attempt to understand it or you can simply go with the flow, appreciate it and feel blessed you were there to see it. Relax the mind and appreciate with the heart.
This is in essence what photographer and writer Philip Thurston does, capturing the seldom moments which most of us may never get to see, delivering them via beautifully taken photographs. This stunning piece is far more than just a black and white photograph, instead it’s a collection of shades and tones, which have come together at the exact right moment; consider it a highly artistic postcard which depicts the experiences and travels of a person coming from where you’d rather be.
As it sits perched up in a space it is exactly that, a constant reminder of the beautiful unexplainable natural things in the world. This photo was commissioned by The Cool Hunter. 
Limited Edition of 50. Purchase Here


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