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The Cool Hunter is an Internet-based hub for the best, most innovative and coolest of everything. Since its inception in 2004 The Cool Hunter has become the world's most-read culture and design site, a leading authority on all things creative and a truly global hub for what's cool, thoughtful, innovative and original. We value global relevance, not trends, channeling our discoveries to our worldwide audience.

Global in scope, The Cool Hunter is a budding brand which aggregates all that is sought after in the worlds of urban living, design, fashion, music and pop culture. It stays relevant by staying ahead of the shifts in taste, style and the fascinations of its audience. The essence of the Cool Hunter is the ethos of 'global information channeling' that is not regionally specific, but rather based on worldwide relevance. In a society obsessed with the shiny and new, The Cool Hunter has become the reference point of choice for the latest in what's hot tomorrow.

The Cool Hunter receives over 1.8 million unique visitors per month (over 2.1 million page views) across 4 portals - TCH USA, TCH UK, TCH Australia/NZ & TCH Singapore. The unique subscriber base reaches out to thousands of subscribers each week (210,000) by way of the ever popular Cool Hunter Newsletter.

With a reputation which proceeds itself, the Cool Hunter is regarded as a benchmark reference point for cultural awareness of 'the now'. Debuting the world’s latest in the shiny and new, has earned the Cool Hunter a prime pole positions in the ever changing and competitive market of trend reporting.

The Cool Hunter readers are generation X and Y who set the trends themselves. They are hip, intelligent and internet savvy. They want to know where to get the best of the best, the first of the first, the coolest of the coolest. They expect instant information gratification and are equipped to rapidly process an onslaught of diverse multi media information. They’re creatively-minded, culturally aware, confident, stylishly sociable consumers. They know about style, music, fashion and entertainment .They have a voracious appetite for what’s new and what’s cool. These readers come from every corner of the globe and bring with them distinguished tastes and specific requirements which are met with precision by the manner in which the Cool Hunter reports.

Through the discerning eye of the online editors, The Cool Hunter showcases products produced by some of the world's largest companies. Advertising sponsors will naturally reflect this high standard of editorial content.

The Cool Hunter sponsor is smart, media savvy, contemporary and out to create an impact. After all, that is what our target audience has come to expect from The Cool Hunter 'only the best'. Through its vast global coverage and wide demographic, The Cool Hunter is the first choice for premier web banner advertising and sponsorship online.

For all advertising enquiries, please contact our Advertising/Sponsorship Manager, [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

more info on TCH here and read about The Cool Hunter Effect here

Here's what some of our international subscribers and advertisers have to say:

So often as a company you advertise and trust in the future the sales will filter through, you trust people have seen the ad and although the measured response was not great it is building your brand. By complete contrast advertising on TCH for Zuster gave us instant measured results and a huge pike in sales from new and existing customers. While our website unique visitors are above industry standard on the day of the newsletter we experienced 14 times the unique visitors! In the two months to follow our website visits were over 100% up on the previous period and continue to be strong. TCH is unique in that it offers subscribers an enormous visual resource of a very high standard with minimal marketing messages and clutter- as an advertiser you are put on centre stage to an incredibly large database who can directly access your website in the split second they see your ad.”

Fleur Bouw
Managing Director
Zuster - www.zuster.com


In June 2010 we sponsored the coolhunter newsletter in order to promote the launch of the Isla Collection, our modular outdoor beanbag and to drive traffic to our website, www.coastnewzealand.com.  The sponsorship has been a tremendous success, with results which were impressive, virtually instantaneous - and measurable.
Following publication of the newsletter:
·         We saw an immediate and marked spike in website traffic, which was sustained over several days; network traffic has remained above average since publication;
·         We received a large number of catalogue requests and subscriptions to our email newsletter;
·         We gained a significant number of ‘fans’ of our Facebook page;
·         We received a number of media enquiries from international publications
·         Most significantly, we received expressions of interest from several potential distributors in jurisdictions that we had not previously canvassed.  Two of these have subsequently sign exclusive distribution contracts.
The Coolhunter has proved to be a highly effective medium because its editors are opinion-formers and arbiters of cool.  In turn, its readership is highly engaged and appreciates and values design and innovation.
Nicola Webster
Coast New Zealand


"This is the lifestyle site for the know-it-all who wants to know it all. Stylistically blends haute culture, forward leaning street style gear alongside some of the most compelling architecture and spot on lifestyle updates. I'd cancel my Complex, Dwell and Wallpaper magazine subscriptions if this were a magazine...This site simply does it all better. The bar has been set. Now go start a show on the Discovery channel in HD for all your dedicated fans". Ken Blaustein, Director of A R - Virgin Records, Los Angeles

"The Cool Hunter is an indispensable source of inspiration, a tasty-looking lifeline when trying to keep up with what's hot, cool, stylish, fun and potentially disruptive. One of the few sites I visit daily." Reinier Evers, founder trendwatching.com, Amsterdam

Every now and then a website is created that is not only addictive but inspirational to the discerning international traveler - The Cool Hunter is one of them. Not only is it cutting edge but for the many discerning travelers it provides a source of invaluable information for any trip. As a hotelier - we also need to know new developments so is a vital source to us - we recently had a review of our award winning flagship property - Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives and had over 5,000 hits on our website in 1 day! Not much to add except - long may it continue! - Mark Carson, Group Director of Business Development - Per Aquum, Maldives

"Some people work 18-hour days doing their best to source what's hot and what is definately not. Others have a life (as well as www.thecoolhunter.net on their bookmarks bar) and the coolhunter crew do all the work. Merci boys..." Linlee Allen - International Public Relations, Colette store, Paris

"I’m an addict. It’s inspirational for life at work and home". Damian Schnabel, Brand Manager - Virgin UK

"In an ever increasing world of global media and trends, The Cool Hunter is always ahead of the curve. Some of the best things I get out of international travel and culture are now brought directly to me. Thankfully it keeps me in touch with style and new developments so that I continually find myself saying - Why didn’t I think of that!" Mark Mauro, VH1 Programme Director, L.A

"I find the layout and overall imagery glamorous and inspiring. I love the various sites that address topics that also interest me personally when I travel and experience all the small and big 'moments' of the world that make places and people unique. The fresh and honest personality of all ideas, articles, images, and reviews are motivational and entertaining. I absolutely love checking out the lifestyle section and hot picks. Thank you for being a true FABULITE". George Fleck, Director of Sales & Marketing, W Retreat, Maldives

"It is incredibly refreshing to read about new cutting edge projects rather than the standard re-generated splurge that one finds on the web these days. It is my first stop each week - to ensure that my finger is on the right pulse" Miles Freeland - Diesel UK

"The Cool Hunter has fast become one of the leading reference points for everything cool on the planet... It never fails to make me want buy some new amazing gadget or inspire me to travel to some new stunning place..." Gary Edgley, Menswear Buyer - Selfridges, UK

Your site represents a well edited and deliciously addictive place to view the latest and greatest in the worlds of design, fashion and ideas. It’s a great resource for me to find inspiration for my work/life. Keep traveling! Antonio Bertone - Global director of brand management - PUMA, US

First off I LOVE your website. You guys seem to find things that i could just never find. It was your site that informed me about the beautiful Hotel Puerta America in Madrid and i actually went and stayed there last summer in Spain, so i am very grateful. You also tipped me off to the chocolate store in Tokyo where I have since sent two of my friends there to procure me some chocolates while they were abroad. seriously, The thing i love most on the site are the hotels. i am always interested in weird, quirky, artsy hotels around the world and i feel like you guys have done a great job of telling me about new ones which I bookmark and remember for future trips. so i am very excited to see an entire book on that subject. I’m also very very very very excited to see the feature on the best chocolatiers in the world. So overall I think, GREAT job. love what you guys are doing. i look forward to more worldly entries. Jen Murse, Los Angeles

"The CoolHunter is my absolute fave for all things cool and hip. I love the fashion sections, with all the international news and especially love the travel recommendations. It's where I get all my inspiration. Great job, guys!" Aja Calvitti, designer for Jimmy'Z, New York

"I just came out of a 12 step program from debtors anonymous because I tend to always spend my $$ on shit that I don’t really need. When I left, I discovered a sticker on my bike with 'You've been coolhunted' with the web address. Needless to say, I went crazy buying shit that I discovered on your site and thanks to you, I’m back at debtors for another round of meetings to help me get through the urge to spend. Fuck you, cool hunter". Timothy K - New York

"One of the best and most useful sources of great ideas. We're a small agency in NZ who believes in the philosophy of consumer involvement and I see plenty of cool examples of this from Coolhunter". Murray Reid, General Manager, WRC, New Zealand

If we take the internet as a cultural phenomenon of the modern era, I would say that The Cool Hunter makes the essence of that kind of perception. Igor Ujdur, Serbia

First up, thank you. It's a great site that allows us to keep in touch with what’s cool. I love the fact that it is global. I have forwarded and recommended your site to many people. Stay true, stay global and stay connected - Mishal Varma - Singapore

There is no other site that compares to yours, no one that has the same amount and diversity of cool things around the world. Its addictive to me, I want to see everything you come up with and it’s really easy to brow. I think yours is even better than WGSN and yours is for free! Congratulations! Susana Delrio, Buyer - Mexico

What I love about TCH is that it's not pretentious at all -- just a genuine love of cool things! And updated frequently, etc. BEAUTIFUL amazing looking pictures all the time. The architectural stuff is outstanding. Jade Miller, Los Angeles

I stumbled upon your site quite by accident and I'm really glad I did. Your automotive stuff is great, your techno stuff is fantastic. It seems where ever I go in The CoolHunter, I find things to make me envious. All of your sections have something of interest and I revisit your site on a regular basis. I'm always looking for that special something to make me drool. Keep up the good work and THANKS. Tom E. British Columbia, Canada

Your site is cool as its name. I've learned a lot from it. Kitty Pong, Thailand

The travel section is amazing. The write ups are wonderful and entertaining to read, and the pictures actually give me an idea of what the place feels like. I love y'all's witty humor throughout the site. It really ads a cheeky twist to my daily design blog subscriptions :) KEEP IT UP! Johanna - Texas

Since discovering thecoolhunter site, it is number 1 on my favorites list. The only suggestion I would make is to do more of what you are doing. I want more new items every day on the most creative site on the net. Burton Silverman, New York

For me, inspiration comes from anywhere....The walk to work, people watching in the park, music, magazines, etc...But that's all by chance. A sure-fire way to know you're going to find something that blows your mind or something that you can forward to your friends and by default they think your much cooler than you actually are...is from The Cool Hunter. It's my daily fix for expected excitement. Thank you for the amazing creativity and the smiles they bring! Keep up the great work!!! Tiff Klahn, Macy's Dept Store, New York

"You show me interesting new things that I haven’t seen anywhere else and all I can say is, WOW!" O'Neil Brook, Ontario

I really enjoy checking out your site, you strike an amazing balance between your different topics. I’m a huge fan Tom, L.A

I love it! I'm a copywriter in the Caribbean and I have the coolhunter site bookmarked as "Inspiration" - the images, ideas, designs and forward-thinking vibes always challenge me to move advertising in the region forward when I see what people are doing out there. It's definitely one of the best things that I get in my Inbox. Sheldon Gerard Pierre, Copywriter Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, Trinidad.

"I friend had forwarded this site to me as they got a cool hunter sticker on their car - OMG - its seriously mental, I thought I was really in the know but I cant believe how many amazing things are out there which I had no idea about. I’m totally hooked". Tracey Butterworth, New York

Within just a few days I've had several of my friends forward me your link. It's truly a wonderful site that inspires me to explore more of what's out there. I think your site, taste, and the generosity of sharing your finding with others is a great example of following your instinct and passion for life. Ann Dooley - L.A

"I am regular and dedicated user of your website. I think it is an incredible evaluation of modern culture" Farida, Chicago)

"First of all, I would like to say CoolHunter rocks. I find it to be the coolest place in the internet. I find most of your posts extremely useful and to tell you the truth, all of your posts are extremely interesting. It is very hard to think of ways you could improve the site. The only thing that would make me enjoy the coolhunter experience even more is, if it were updated more often, because sometimes I go in several times a day eager to see if
there is something new posted. My only request". Eduardo De Castro - Dominican Republic.

"I envy your team at the cool hunter, your jobs give us dreams". Candace Rudy, Canada

"I am dedicated user of coolhunter.net. You are for me, what wallpaper magazine was in the 90's was, what Face magazine was in the 80's". Tibor Hegedues, Hamburg

"First off, let me just thank you guys for all you've done so far: I really enjoy browsing through your website, and especially appreciate the fact that I don't have to spend hours searching for cool stuff myself". Paul Sulzycki - Belgium

"Within just a few days I've had several of my friends forward me your link. It's truly a wonderful site that inspires me to explore more of what's out there. I think your site, taste, and the generosity of sharing your finding with others is a great example of following your instinct and passion for life". Ann Dooley - Los Angeles

With 60 million blogs online, it's hard to find a genuinely great site. The Cool Hunter is one of the very few sites which I visit daily. Thanks for your sharp eye, and willingness to share up to the minute information of the world of cool. - Sylvia, Stockholm

"Every time I receive the newsletter in my mailbox, I stop everything I am doing to read the entire thing word for word. It inspires me to travel and see the world so that I can go to every one of these fabulous destinations featured. I also love all the new products that the coolhunter team finds. Overall, this is the best thing to happen to the internet in the age of so much meaningless junk. Please keep the coolhunter on the need-to-know basis or else it won’t be 'cool' anymore if everyone knows about it!" Renee Young, director of marketing little black dress. L.A

To me The Cool Hunter is Incredible, the most excitingly creative ideas that not only actually been put into action, but have been conveniently collated onto one site! A daily visit to the site inspires my creativity and gives me motivation to pursue those ideas that I have not yet had the opportunity or bravery to action. The travel section is the worst distraction of all time, the news highlights never disappoint and the format of the site is aesthetically very pleasing. I could stay on it for hours I love it Lauren Scott, PR Consultant, Freud, UK

"For my job, actually for most of our exclusive customers, thecoolhunter is exactly what we need. Haven't seen anything else before. For our team, your website is the best tool to achieve the expected surprise-surprise effect on our customers. Our congratulations"! Heine Amicel - Barcelona, barcelonaexclusive.com


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